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Tire safety: Defective truck tires threaten all road users

Commercial truck owners and drivers in Arizona may want to take note of a tire recall announced by Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. Tire safety is crucial on the state's highways, not only for trucks but also passenger vehicles. The approximately 2,700 tires that were recalled were manufactured during June this year, and they have since been found to have defects

Tire safety checks essential at the start of the school year

At the start of the new school year, Arizona teenagers who drive themselves to school might be at risk if they do not keep an eye on the quality of the tires on their vehicles. Being aware of tire safety from an early age might ultimately save their lives. The first step is to ensure the tire pressure is at the ideal level, which is typically indicated in the vehicle's manual and on a sticker in the glove box, fuel door or inside the car door.

Tire safety: Blowout might have caused fatal crash on I-10

Following a fatal car accident on Interstate 10 on a recent Friday, it was determined that a tire blowout might have caused the incident. This led to safety authorities reminding vehicle owners about tire safety. The Arizona heat takes a toll on tires, and local people are advised to replace tires after five or six years. Drivers are also urged to check the tread on the tires at least once every month.

Tire safety: Goodyear refuses to recall motorcycle tires

Motorcyclists in Arizona who have Dunlop D402 tires on their bikes might want to be aware of the dangers they face. While the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is in the midst of a lawsuit that involves the company's G159 tire that is built for RVs and other low-speed vehicles, it has refused to recall its D402 motorcycle tires. Reportedly, the manufacturer denies that the five deaths and 22 injuries in motorcycle accidents had anything to do with tire safety. The company blames the riders for overloading or overinflating the tires.

Arizona Superior Court rules tire safety issue to be made public

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Office of Defect Investigation has reportedly advised Goodyear Tire & Rubber of its intention to determine the substance of tire failure allegations in connection with the manufacturer's G159 tire. A Center for Auto Safety director applauded the ruling of the Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County that the manufacturer may no longer keep facts confidential about the G159 tire safety after many reports of failures. The director said information of hazardous automotive products had been kept from the public for too long.

Precautions to ensure tire safety

Thousands of people in Arizona and nationwide suffer the consequences of defective tires every year. Auto accidents caused by tread separations and blowouts can have severe emotional, physical and financial results that could cause long-term problems. When a victim of such an accident pursues financial relief, authorities may look at the plaintiff's tire safety practices before blaming the manufacturer.

Investigation launched to seek answers about RV tire safety

Motorhome owners in Arizona and elsewhere may be interested in learning that safety regulators have launched an official investigation into the hazards posed by Goodyear G159 RV tires. Reportedly, tire safety questions about this particular Goodyear product have been asked for more than 20 years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Center for Auto Safety initiated the federal investigation, submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to start the probe.

Frequent tire safety inspections may prevent accidents

The climate of Arizona, which includes excessive heat at certain times of the year, may adversely affect the tires of vehicles. For that reason, responsible drivers perform frequent tire safety checks as part of their vehicle safety routines. While tire defects can be blamed for many vehicle accidents, worn tread, foreign objects or incorrect pressure can also cause crashes.

Tire safety, separation, collision and litigation

When the tires on a car are safely bonded, separation is unlikely to occur. If, however, there happens to be a tire safety defect, the result may be a collision that leaves one or more people severely injured. Tire separation occurs when the threads on a vehicle literally separate from the surrounding casing of a tire, and people in Arizona and elsewhere may be adversely affected by such defects, perhaps tragically.

Key factors to help ensure tire safety

Most Arizona motorists understand how crucial it is to maintain the tires on their vehicles. Tires greatly affect the handling of a vehicle, including braking. Properly maintaining tires is a major factor in overall driving safety. When tires go bad, it places drivers, passengers and anyone in the vicinity at risk for collision and injury.

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