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Were you injured in a tire-related incident?

Many people lack knowledge about tire maintenance, especially state regulations and how to tell if a tire is defective. This places them at great risk for injury. If you've already suffered an injury in a collision caused by a tire blow-out and you believe negligence or defects were factors, you may want to learn more about the type of support available to help you pursue justice. 

Falls are a leading causes of injury on construction sites

If you work in the construction industry, you know there are certain inherent risks associated with your job. Physical labor is demanding, and working with specific types of equipment can be risky. One of the most common risks associated with construction work is possibility of a fall. 

Claiming medical malpractice is one thing; proving it is another

If an Arizona physician tells you that a particular elective surgical procedure you're considering poses certain risks, such as significant scarring, recurrence of the initial problem or some other adverse effect, and you elect to have the surgery anyway, is the physician guilty of medical malpractice if the situation he or she warned you about actually occurs? While there is no cut-and-dry answer to that question, it's unlikely that the court would hold a doctor liable if he or she adhered to all existing regulations.

When a truck's tire blows out, you could suffer serious injuries

Driving Arizona's highways puts you in close proximity to numerous big rigs. If the size and weight of these mammoth 18-wheelers may make you even the slightest bit intimated, you are in good company. Many people feel this way since accidents involving big rigs are often more serious and injuries more severe or even fatal.

Did old tires result in a blowout accident?

Heading out on the road can be an enjoyable experience. You may simply love having time behind the wheel because it allows you to get out, take in the view and travel somewhere you need or want to go. You may also take great pride in your vehicle itself and work to ensure that it remains in top working condition, which not only benefits the car but also better ensures your safety.

It's never offensive to be a defensive driver

Regardless of the time of year or the road conditions, there is always some degree of risk that comes with driving the streets of Phoenix. That's even before you take all the other drivers into account. Speeding drivers aggressively hurrying into work, cutting off other cars and bending -- or breaking -- traffic laws, creates a lot to worry about, no matter how skilled you yourself are at safe driving practices.

The nightmare combination of sleep apnea and truck driving

When it comes to driving dangers, you're probably already familiar with major risks such as operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or texting and driving. Another hazard of which you may or may not be aware, though, is drowsy driving. Driving when overly tired is almost as dangerous as drunk driving. If the person behind the wheel drifts off for even a second, it can literally be a matter of life and death; even more so, perhaps, when that vehicle is a massive commercial truck like a semi or tractor-trailer.

Truck accidents: Why braking distance matters

If you experienced the trauma of an auto collision with a large truck, you know how scary these types of accidents can be. Semi-trailers are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, and as a result, even a low-speed collision can lead to major damage and detrimental injuries. Experiencing this type of accident can change your life permanently.

Construction workers may face asbestos threats

Construction is a dangerous industry. So many of the jobs in construction are extremely physical, and individuals sometimes work with heavy equipment. The environment of a construction zone can also pose a threat to workers. Even well-known threats, like asbestos, still expose workers to danger and persist in these types of workplaces despite widespread knowledge of the dangers. Construction managers have a duty to ensure their workers are as safe as possible at all times, including the limiting of exposure to this dangerous material.

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