Issues that make Arizona travel highly dangerous

Perhaps you're one of many Arizona drivers who have to navigate busy highways every day on your way to and from work. Then again, maybe you consider yourself lucky because you work from home and only have to get behind the wheel when you feel like it or when you have errands to run. In any case, your safety is at risk whenever you drive or travel as a vehicle passenger or pedestrian.

No matter how cautious a traveler you are, many outside factors, such as the personal choices of others, can greatly affect your ability to arrive safely at your destination. It's no secret that drunk drivers, distracted drivers and reckless drivers cause thousands of deaths throughout Arizona and the rest of the country every year. If you suffer injury in a collision that another person's negligence caused, you can seek financial recovery for damages.

Nearly all traffic accidents involve driver error

Human error is responsible for approximately 97% of collisions. If a motorist fails to stop at a stop sign or red light then slams into your vehicle or hits you as you're walking across the street, it is not an accident. Accidents are unintentional mishaps. Someone who disregards traffic and safety regulations might have prevented a collision if he or she had acted responsibly. 

Issues that most often cause collisions

If you're driving along an Arizona roadway and another motorist is looking down at a cell phone instead of ahead at the road, he or she may be financially liable for expenses you incur if you suffer injury in a collision. The four most common causes of collision are driving distractions, driver impairment, excessive travel speed, and inclement roadway or weather conditions.

Be a proactive and defensive driver

You reduce your chances of collision by adhering to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Being cautious may also help you avoid a crash, such as keeping distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you, knowing exit numbers ahead of time and avoiding distractions while driving, such as eating, adjusting radio knobs, or talking on a cell phone, even with a hands-free device.

If a collision occurs

When another person's negligence causes you to suffer injury, the days and weeks following the accident may include physical pain, emotional trauma and serious financial implications. You shouldn't have to bear the full burden of medical expenses or other crash-related issues if you were not the one who caused the collision.

Many recovering accident victims file legal claims through the Arizona civil justice system to seek monetary judgment against those responsible for their injuries. In such cases, the plaintiff must prove that negligence occurred and was a direct cause of his or her injuries. This is typically quite challenging, which is why most accident victims rely on experienced legal representation in court.

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