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Issues that make Arizona travel highly dangerous

Perhaps you're one of many Arizona drivers who have to navigate busy highways every day on your way to and from work. Then again, maybe you consider yourself lucky because you work from home and only have to get behind the wheel when you feel like it or when you have errands to run. In any case, your safety is at risk whenever you drive or travel as a vehicle passenger or pedestrian.

How can medication errors impact patients?

When we get ill, we rely on medical professionals to help diagnose and treat us. In most cases, this means a treatment plan that involves a medication. These are prescribed based on the diagnostic findings of the medical professional. However, if diagnostic errors are made, this could result in the wrong prescription or the wrong dose being prescribed. This ultimately could result in a medication error and harm caused to a patient.

Recovering damages following a truck crash

The need for large trucks is always growing. Tractor-trailer and semi-trucks are utilized to make large shipments short and long distances, impacting intra and interstate commerce. Although these vehicles are important, they have the ability to create dangers on the roads. If a truck driver is overworked ad fatigues, it could cause a truck accident, harming others traveling nearby.

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