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Federal rules aim to prevent distracted driving truck accidents

Most people in Phoenix would agree that texting and driving is not safe, but unfortunately there are drivers who disregard this risk and use their cellphones while driving. While it is a dangerous risk to take for drivers of standard automobiles, a driver of a semi-truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds could cause significant damage if they cause a truck accident due to distracted driving.

'Donning and doffing' errors could lead to medical malpractice

Many people in Arizona may be familiar with the troubling issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the context of overprescribing antibiotics for illnesses that do not necessitate them, such as viruses. However, what they may not realize is that antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be spread when physicians, surgeons and nurses make mistakes taking off their gowns and gloves.

Tire safety issues: Causes of failure that can lead to collision

When you think about the hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles that you share Arizona roads with over an extended period of time, you might wonder how many times you've been at great risk for collision due to other drivers' negligence. How often, however, do you think about other drivers' vehicle tires, in particular, whether or not they have taken available measures to maintain tire safety on the road?

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