What is the process for recalling a defective tire?

When a motor vehicle is found to be defective, sometimes the defect lies in one of its parts. Tire defects, particularly, have the potential to cause serious accident resulting in injuries and deaths. It is important, then, that defective tires are taken off the market in Arizona and across the nation. Often this is accomplished through a product recall.

Recalls of defective tires originate in several ways. The manufacturer of the tire might discover the issue on its own, and voluntarily recall the defective tire. However, it is more common for consumers to have problems with defective tires and report such problems to government regulators or the company that manufactured the defective tire. If these defects present serious safety concerns, the tire may be taken off the market.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigates issues regarding defects in automobile parts, including tires. The recall process often starts with the NHTSA asking the manufacturer of the defective tire to voluntarily recall the product. If that fails, the NHTSA may order the manufacturer to recall the defective product. Consumers will be notified by the manufacturer of their vehicle if a component of their vehicle, such as the tires, have been recalled. Under federal law, consumers of defective automobile parts must be provided with a repair, replacement or refund at no cost to the consumer and within a reasonable amount of time.

Unfortunately, recalls sometimes come too little too late for those already injured by tire defects. A blowout could lead to a devastating traffic accident that could injure or even kill not just the motorist driving the vehicle with the detective tire, but also any others involved in the crash. Therefore, it is important that those who believe they have been injured in a crash caused by a defective tire to understand what their legal options are, so they can pursue compensation if appropriate.

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