Distracted driving in Arizona

Distracted driving causes a significant amount of accidents in the United States and is dangerous for individuals behind the wheel.

In 2017, there were almost 250,000 individuals involved in distracted driving accidents. Many people associate distracted driving with texting or talking on the phone. While this type of distraction does make up a large percentage of accidents, there are other ways that a driver can be distracted while on the road.

Types of distracted driving

The Arizona Department of Transportation tracked the number of accidents caused by distracted driving, and what types of distraction were at the root of each. The results from 2017 included:

  • Inside vehicle distraction: There are many things, even inside the vehicle. that can distract a driver from the road. Common inside vehicle distractions include eating or drinking, adjusting a seat belt or reaching to grab an item from another part of the car. 2016 crash results showed 3,109 crashed due to an inside vehicle distraction.
  • Device distraction: One of the most frequently discussed distraction as of late: distracting oneself with an electronic device. Talking on hands free and hand-held devices as well as manually operating an electronic device made up 2,915 crashes.
  • Outside vehicle distraction: Seeing another accident on the side of the road, reading a billboard or looking at someone on the sidewalk attribute to 2,712 accidents.
  • Passenger distraction: A common distraction while driving may be sitting right next to you. Passengers have a high possibility of distracting a driver. This could include a person, child or pet. The crash results for 2016 recorded 944 crashes that stemmed from a passenger distraction

If the police pull you over for distracted driving, you could be looking at a fine between $50 and $250. Distracted driving is a severe issue in Arizona and there are consequences, especially if it results in an accident. Knowing the types of distractions that can harm drivers may help you avoid distracting yourself the next time you are behind the wheel.

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