Avoid medical malpractice by asking the right questions

It is only natural for anyone in Arizona to experience anxiety before surgery. What steps can one take to avoid being a victim of medical malpractice? Assuming care was taken in choosing the best surgeon, the patient is entitled to ask questions about the scheduled procedure. He or she has the right to know the exact nature of the planned surgery; taking notes, recording the conversation or taking a friend along to make sure all is clear before signing a letter of consent might be a good idea.

A question that might prove crucial in the long run is asking for details about potential complications and risks. This information will not only prepare the patient for the recovery after the operation, but it might alert him or her to anything that went wrong. If complications arise that were not mentioned, this might indicate a surgical error or negligence.

Knowing the costs of upcoming surgery can avoid unpleasant surprises afterward, allowing the patient to recover without additional stress about unanticipated expenses. Even if the medical staff cannot give a firm quote, they should be able to estimate the different charges accurately. This must include anesthesia, hospital fees, follow-up visits and all other relevant charges.

Getting these answers in advance can make it easier to spot mistakes. If anything other than the planned surgery was done or if complications arise that are unexpected, there might be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Also, if there are charges on the medical bills that were not in the estimation, the patient might dispute the statements. No one wants to have to deal with lawsuits at the time when he or she is recovering from surgery, but help is available. An experienced Arizona medical malpractice attorney can assist throughout the legal proceedings in pursuit of recovery of financial and other damages.

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