Tire safety checks essential at the start of the school year

At the start of the new school year, Arizona teenagers who drive themselves to school might be at risk if they do not keep an eye on the quality of the tires on their vehicles. Being aware of tire safety from an early age might ultimately save their lives. The first step is to ensure the tire pressure is at the ideal level, which is typically indicated in the vehicle's manual and on a sticker in the glove box, fuel door or inside the car door.

The next thing to check is the tire's tread depth. A typical test is done by inserting a penny into the groove where the tire is most worn. If the penny is inserted with Abe Lincoln's head down, and the top of his head is visible, it will indicate worn tread, and advice would be to replace the tire. Lastly, it is essential to assess the overall state of the tires frequently. Taking a close look will help with identifying cracks, bulges, cuts or punctures, and addressing such issues before driving on damaged tires.

Even if the vehicle or the tires are new, keeping an eye on them might identify defective tires. However, such defects might take years to become evident, and owners must avoid becoming complacent if tires show no abnormalities after several checks. If defects cause accidents with injuries or death, manufacturers might be held liable. The longer the tires are on the car, the more difficult it is to trace a defect back to the manufacturers.

Tires can fail or separate despite a vehicle owner's thorough checks for tire safety. Victims of accidents that were caused by tire defects might have questions about their legal options and how to go about recovering damages. This is where the services of an Arizona tire defect attorney can be invaluable. A lawyer who has experience in dealing with tire manufacturers might be able to secure recovery of economic and noneconomic damages brought about by an accident that was caused by tire failure.

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