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Arizona car accidents: Where do the biggest risks lie?

As a licensed driver in Arizona, you may have some days when you enjoy getting behind the wheel and going for a drive. On the other hand, you may also experience moments when you worry whether you will safely reach your destination. Heavy traffic areas and other problems can place you at risk for collision.

Medical malpractice claim follows removal of healthy kidney

For most people in Arizona, it is likely unthinkable to be the victim of wrong-site surgery. A medical malpractice claim was filed in a civil court in another state by a woman whose healthy kidney was wrongfully removed. Court documents indicate that this happened despite a memo detailing the required surgery received by the surgeon on the day before the scheduled operation.

Tire safety checks essential at the start of the school year

At the start of the new school year, Arizona teenagers who drive themselves to school might be at risk if they do not keep an eye on the quality of the tires on their vehicles. Being aware of tire safety from an early age might ultimately save their lives. The first step is to ensure the tire pressure is at the ideal level, which is typically indicated in the vehicle's manual and on a sticker in the glove box, fuel door or inside the car door.

Were you injured in a tire-related incident?

Many people lack knowledge about tire maintenance, especially state regulations and how to tell if a tire is defective. This places them at great risk for injury. If you've already suffered an injury in a collision caused by a tire blow-out and you believe negligence or defects were factors, you may want to learn more about the type of support available to help you pursue justice. 

Medical malpractice: Misdiagnosis vs. missed diagnosis

When someone in Arizona consults with a doctor about an unfamiliar or unidentified medical condition, he or she will naturally expect to be diagnosed and informed of the treatment options. However, if the treatment does not improve the condition, it becomes unclear whether the doctor failed to diagnose the problem, or missed the cause of the illness altogether. This may be important to know if the patient decides to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Frequency of construction accidents contributes to opioid crisis

It is no secret that there is a nationwide opioid epidemic, and safety authorities say construction workers in Arizona and other states are most affected. The debilitating injuries that workers suffer from construction accidents, and the frequency of these incidents, contribute to the crisis. The fear of losing their jobs, or unknown periods of disability and the financial consequences play significant roles in the fact that some construction workers would rather use opioids than seek help with dependencies, and physical and mental health.

Motor vehicle accidents caused by road debris -- who is liable?

Debris on Arizona roads poses severe hazards to all types of vehicles. Reportedly, about one million pounds of all kinds of trash is removed from valley highways by volunteers and ADOT officials every year, and authorities say road debris causes about 1,000 motor vehicle accidents annually. It is not uncommon for large objects that dropped from unsecured loads to cause devastating crashes.

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