PPE could limit severe injuries in construction accidents

There is an endless number of safety risks on any construction site in Arizona. Although safety authorities say almost all construction accidents are preventable, it is essential for all workers to wear the necessary personal protective equipment at all times. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires construction workers to protect themselves from suffering concussions or other traumatic brain injuries by never being on-site without hard hats.

The risks of suffering eye and ear damage on construction sites are significant. For that reason, properly fitted safety glasses and face masks when necessary are essential to prevent eye injuries that lead to permanent damage. The noise levels caused by various machines and power tools that are used on most construction sites are excessive, and unprotected workers can suffer damage and even permanent hearing loss.

While the brain, eyes and ears are incredibly vulnerable, the importance of undamaged hands and feet must not be disregarded. Sturdy safety boots can protect construction workers from electrical hazards and nails and other sharp objects that can puncture the soles of their feet, and a firm grip can prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Protective gloves can prevent puncture wounds, splinters, cuts and scrapes, and it might even prevent the loss of fingers in some cases.

While wearing protective gear can prevent injuries, it does not guarantee safety. Arizona workers who are injured in construction accidents may face long-term health problems and mounting medical bills. Fortunately, the workers' compensation system of the state will have their backs. However, the process to claim benefits can be challenging, and the person best equipped to navigate it might be an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

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