Navigating medical malpractice claims can be challenging

Victims of professional negligence by a health care provider in Arizona may have questions about their legal rights. Medical malpractice is a complicated field of the law, which offers the opportunity to recover damages for harm or injury. It typically involves substandard treatment that leads to a medical mistake involving negligence, including the failure to act when circumstances warrant action.

Doctors or medical facilities are only responsible for harm suffered by a patient if the standard of care deviated from the care that any other competent doctor or facility would provide. Typical malpractice lawsuits can involve, among others, misdiagnosis, wrong medication, wrong dosage, surgery to wrong body parts and leaving objects inside the patient's body during an operation. Negligent care can also cause bedsores and staph infections that could be fatal.

The lack of informed consent can also lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. The surgeon must ensure the patient is fully informed about the intended procedure and any risks to allow the patient to choose whether to proceed despite the risks. If, for example, a patient loses a limb during surgery, the doctor could be held liable if the patient was not informed of the risk and chose to proceed -- even if the procedure was faultless.

An experienced Arizona medical malpractice attorney can provide the much-needed support and guidance with the navigation of a lawsuit. The lawyer can explain the legal proceedings that form part of such a complaint and assist with establishing negligence and obtaining documented proof of losses. A lawyer can also help with the documentation of claims to ensure inclusion of all past and future losses -- both economic and noneconomic.

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