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Navigating medical malpractice claims can be challenging

Victims of professional negligence by a health care provider in Arizona may have questions about their legal rights. Medical malpractice is a complicated field of the law, which offers the opportunity to recover damages for harm or injury. It typically involves substandard treatment that leads to a medical mistake involving negligence, including the failure to act when circumstances warrant action.

Impaired truck drivers are more common than you think

In recent years, the annual total of accidents involving tractor-trailers and other big rigs hovers around 4,000. The truck drivers in a significant percentage of fatal accidents tested positive for drugs or alcohol. This may seem astonishing to you. Even if you have no experience behind the wheel of a large truck, common sense tells you it requires considerable concentration and effort to control it.

More than drivers might be liable for motor vehicle accidents

Losing loved ones in crashes that are caused by negligent or impaired drivers is not something wished onto anyone. When such tragedies occur, it is only natural for the surviving family members to want to hold the drivers who caused the crashes liable for damages. However, in Arizona, other parties might carry some of the blame for drunk driving motor vehicle accidents.

Medical malpractice: Dealing with delayed or wrong diagnosis

In the medical profession, doctors and other health care providers are held to a standard of care when they treat patients. If for example, a patient files a medical malpractice lawsuit for delayed or incorrect diagnosis, this standard would serve as a measuring tool to determine whether the physician failed to consider health conditions that might have led to a different diagnosis. In Arizona, the burden of proof in these types of civil claims is on the plaintiff.

Construction accidents: Body recovered days after rig's collapse

It is always traumatic for any family to lose a loved one in a workplace accident. Construction accidents are often fatal, and the circumstances of one such accident in Arizona likely caused the surviving family members even more trauma.A 52-year-old construction worker lost his life, but it took several days to recover his body.

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