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Unstable scaffolds can cause devastating construction accidents

Working on scaffolding structures is nothing strange in the construction industry. Because it is so common, workers and employers become complacent, and sometimes neglect to take the necessary care. Scaffold-related construction accidents have cause many serious injuries and even some fatalities in Arizona. Safety guidelines must be followed throughout, starting when the structure is erected.

Uber halts autonomous car testing phase in the state

Arizona readers are likely aware that Uber was running a testing phase in the state for their autonomous car program. In March, one of their vehicles that was in the testing phase struck a pedestrian, resulting in her death. The pedestrian was not in a proper crosswalk at the time, but the car did not stop when it detected a hazard as it should have.

Phoenix wrong-way motor vehicle accidents now total 13 for 2018

Wrong-way accidents can have devastating consequences, and they are particularly difficult to avoid after dark. One such Arizona crash that occurred on a recent Monday evening was reportedly the 13th wrong-way collision in and around Phoenix so far this year. Authorities say it was the first such incident in May, following two wrong-way motor vehicle accidents that occurred in April.

Tire safety: Goodyear refuses to recall motorcycle tires

Motorcyclists in Arizona who have Dunlop D402 tires on their bikes might want to be aware of the dangers they face. While the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is in the midst of a lawsuit that involves the company's G159 tire that is built for RVs and other low-speed vehicles, it has refused to recall its D402 motorcycle tires. Reportedly, the manufacturer denies that the five deaths and 22 injuries in motorcycle accidents had anything to do with tire safety. The company blames the riders for overloading or overinflating the tires.

2018 fatal motor vehicle accidents: 41 Phoenix pedestrians so far

Arizona police have urged pedestrians to remain alert and only cross where crosswalks are available. At the same time, they also reminded drivers to avoid distractions and look out for pedestrians. Reportedly, pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accidents in the City of Phoenix have claimed 41 pedestrians so far in 2018, while the total number of such fatalities last year came to 56.

Filing a medical malpractice claim after surgery is challenging

Surgical procedures to bring about weight loss such as lap-band surgery, gastric bypass and other methods of restricting food intake could be risky. If things do not go as planned, the patient will have many aspects of the treatment to consider to determine whether a medical malpractice claim is a viable option. Standards to which surgeons in this field are held are the same in Arizona as in all other states.

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