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Autonomous motor vehicle accidents: Who must pay damages?

Autonomous cars have been present in Arizona since Feb. 2017. All went well until a recent Sunday when a self-driving Uber car struck and killed a pedestrian. This incident gave rise to many questions about motor vehicle accidents involving self-driving cars.

Claiming medical malpractice is one thing; proving it is another

If an Arizona physician tells you that a particular elective surgical procedure you're considering poses certain risks, such as significant scarring, recurrence of the initial problem or some other adverse effect, and you elect to have the surgery anyway, is the physician guilty of medical malpractice if the situation he or she warned you about actually occurs? While there is no cut-and-dry answer to that question, it's unlikely that the court would hold a doctor liable if he or she adhered to all existing regulations.

Construction accidents: Concrete pipe kills worker in trench

Trenches are known to be some of the most hazardous areas in which workers can find themselves. Although the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has a set of regulations to address trench-related hazards specifically, fatal construction accidents continue to claim lives in Arizona and elsewhere. A trench-related accident recently claimed the life of a man on a construction site in a neighboring state.

Failure to diagnose cancer can constitute medical malpractice

When someone in Arizona schedules a regular consultation for a checkup, it is typically done to have lurking problems identified and dealt with before they can become serious. Sometimes it is a niggling condition that one wants the physician to check, and if symptoms that seem insignificant are not correctly checked and tested or screened, life-threatening diseases such as cancer can be misdiagnosed as something much less serious. Misdiagnosis might be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Many fatal construction accidents involve unsafe trenches

Construction workers in Arizona face as many risks as those in other states. Excavations present some of the most hazardous conditions, and many fatal construction accidents are due to collapsed trenches. Employers continue to allow employees to work in unprotected trenches -- often alone -- despite the strict safety regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Such circumstances led to the recent death of a construction worker in another state.

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