When a truck's tire blows out, you could suffer serious injuries

Driving Arizona's highways puts you in close proximity to numerous big rigs. If the size and weight of these mammoth 18-wheelers may make you even the slightest bit intimated, you are in good company. Many people feel this way since accidents involving big rigs are often more serious and injuries more severe or even fatal.

With so many things that can go wrong while driving next to an 18-wheeler, a tire blowout may not be foremost in your mind. However, this appears to happen more often than anyone would like. Truck drivers may receive training in how to respond when this happens, but that does not mean that accidents never happen. It may not surprise you to know that tire blowouts are largely preventable.

What a trucker should do

When a blowout causes a truck accident, it may be because the driver failed to follow these simple rules and pieces of advice:

  • Don't overload the truck since the pressure on the tires could cause a blowout.
  • Make sure that the tires have sufficient air in them. Estimates say under-inflation accounts for approximately 80 percent of blowouts. Under-inflated tires may become too hot and burst. In Arizona's climate, this makes improperly inflating a rig's 18 tires a serious case of negligence.
  • Regular maintenance is essential, including inspection and replacement (or repair) of all tires.
  • Mechanical issues such as loose wheel bearings, misalignments or bent axles could cause too much wear and tear on the tires. 
  • Examine all tires prior to getting on the road.
  • Watch for hazards on the roads, such as potholes that could affect the condition of the tires or cause a blowout.

If truckers follow these rules regularly, the number of blowouts may drop.

What happens when a truck's tire blows

If you happen to be in the wrong place and the wrong time when an 18-wheeler's tire blows, you could end up hit by the shredded pieces of the tire and crash, hit by the truck if the driver loses control or both. In any case, you could suffer serious injuries for which you face a significant recovery.

In such an event, you more than likely face steep medical bills, the loss of income and other damages. You may be able to pursue compensation for these losses through a successfully litigated personal injury claim that provides the court with evidence that your injuries resulted from someone's negligence.

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