Precautions to ensure tire safety

Thousands of people in Arizona and nationwide suffer the consequences of defective tires every year. Auto accidents caused by tread separations and blowouts can have severe emotional, physical and financial results that could cause long-term problems. When a victim of such an accident pursues financial relief, authorities may look at the plaintiff's tire safety practices before blaming the manufacturer.

Precautions that vehicle owners can take to prevent such accidents and identify defects in a timely manner include four easy tasks that will take no more than a few minutes once a month. It may be wise to do the same checks before taking any long trips. Vehicle manufacturers recommend the ideal tire pressures because tires can be damaged if they are under inflated, and this can also increase fuel consumption.

When the wheels are not aligned properly, the tread of the tires will wear unevenly and rapidly -- increasing the chances of blowouts. Pot holes and other road hazards can cause alignment problems. Checking the tread depth is also recommended because when tires are worn down below the recommended depth they will cause a safety risk. The fourth precaution involves rotating tires because the wear at each position is different. Rotating the tires at recommended mileages can promote even tread wear.

While these precautions will improve tire safety and extend the use of good quality tires, they may not prevent car accidents caused by defective tires. Sometimes, defective tires cause accidents years after the date of purchase. Victims of such accidents in Arizona may need the help of an experienced tire defect attorney to trace the manufacturer and pursue financial relief by filing a products liability lawsuit.

Source:, "Safety through innovation", Accessed on Feb. 23, 2018

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