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Precautions to ensure tire safety

Thousands of people in Arizona and nationwide suffer the consequences of defective tires every year. Auto accidents caused by tread separations and blowouts can have severe emotional, physical and financial results that could cause long-term problems. When a victim of such an accident pursues financial relief, authorities may look at the plaintiff's tire safety practices before blaming the manufacturer.

When a truck's tire blows out, you could suffer serious injuries

Driving Arizona's highways puts you in close proximity to numerous big rigs. If the size and weight of these mammoth 18-wheelers may make you even the slightest bit intimated, you are in good company. Many people feel this way since accidents involving big rigs are often more serious and injuries more severe or even fatal.

Motor vehicle accidents: Passenger dies in Arizona crash

Losing loved ones in crashes are naturally traumatic experiences for the surviving family members. In many motor vehicle accidents in Arizona, passengers lose their lives while drivers suffer only minor injuries. One such an accident occurred in Phoenix on a recent Saturday evening.

Construction accidents can follow employer negligence

Arizona construction workers who suffer on-the-job injuries can pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost wages through the workers' compensation system. However, workers' comp benefits will not cover damages such as pain and suffering, and it is essential for injured workers to know their rights. If construction accidents resulted from gross negligence by employers or were caused by the negligence of third parties, the victims might have grounds to file civil lawsuits to recover the compensation they deserve.

Medical malpractice claim follows non-healing amputation wound

Arizona residents would expect their doctors to diagnose their conditions accurately and provide proper care. They would also want care of an acceptable standard in any surgical procedures. While most doctors strive to uphold high standards of medical care, this is not always the case, and medical malpractice claims continue to arise.

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