Did old tires result in a blowout accident?

Heading out on the road can be an enjoyable experience. You may simply love having time behind the wheel because it allows you to get out, take in the view and travel somewhere you need or want to go. You may also take great pride in your vehicle itself and work to ensure that it remains in top working condition, which not only benefits the car but also better ensures your safety.

While you may consistently check that everything under the hood operates correctly, you may slack on checking your tires. However, tire safety is extremely important, and you should regularly inspect your tires, even if you recently purchased them. You may wonder why you might need to check new tires, but some businesses may not always carry the best products. If you receive tires that have had a prolonged shelf-life, or have defects or other issues, you could be at risk of a tire blowout.

Tire tread

The tread on your tires can easily indicate whether you need to replace those tires soon. Tread helps create traction when driving, which prevents your vehicle from sliding. You can check the tread on your tires by simply using a penny. Place the penny with Lincoln's head down between the treads of the tire and see where it reaches on the penny. If the tread covers or mostly covers Lincoln's head, the tread is likely sufficient. Also remember to check multiple spots and to check each tire.


Commonly, tires begin to crack as they age. While small cracks may not pose much of a problem, if you notice any thin cracks between the treads on your tires, you should keep an eye on them but not immediately worry. However, if significant cracks appear, you should seek new tires as soon as possible. Additionally, if recently purchased tires already show cracking, they may not be as new as you think, and you may want to consider returning them.

Objects and bulges

If an object becomes stuck in your tire, you could easily get a flat or suffer other issues. Additionally, if a tire shows bulges or lumps, an issue may have occurred in which air has gotten trapped between the layers of rubber. If you drive on a bulging tire, it could rupture and cause a blowout.

Blowout accident

If you experience a tire blowout, you could easily become involved in a wreck that results in your suffering injuries or the injuries of others. If you recently purchased the tires, but a defect or aging issue caused the blowout, you may have cause to seek a legal claim against the parties responsible for the installation or production of the tires. Information on taking such action in order to pursue compensation may prove useful to you.

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