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Motor vehicle accidents: Alleged DUI driver kills pedestrian

A significant percentage of annual crash fatalities nationwide is caused by drunk driving. Despite the strict, zero-tolerance DUI laws in Arizona, lives are still lost due to drunk driving motor vehicle accidents. One such an incident occurred in Phoenix on a recent Thursday.

Did old tires result in a blowout accident?

Heading out on the road can be an enjoyable experience. You may simply love having time behind the wheel because it allows you to get out, take in the view and travel somewhere you need or want to go. You may also take great pride in your vehicle itself and work to ensure that it remains in top working condition, which not only benefits the car but also better ensures your safety.

Victims of construction accidents may have grounds to sue

In Arizona, some employers are allowed to carry their own insurance instead of state-approved workers' compensation insurance. For that reason, employees often have questions about their options for compensation after suffering injuries in construction accidents or other incidents in their places of work. While workers' compensation is typically regarded as the only source of compensation, injured workers are entitled to explore other options.

Investigation launched to seek answers about RV tire safety

Motorhome owners in Arizona and elsewhere may be interested in learning that safety regulators have launched an official investigation into the hazards posed by Goodyear G159 RV tires. Reportedly, tire safety questions about this particular Goodyear product have been asked for more than 20 years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Center for Auto Safety initiated the federal investigation, submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to start the probe.

Motor vehicle accidents: Motorcyclist killed in crash with car

Motorcyclists in Arizona enjoy the feeling of freedom while riding their bikes on the open roads. However, a significant level of risk comes with this pleasure because bikers typically have little to protect them in the event of motor vehicle accidents. Many of the dangers that motorcyclists face are caused by the carelessness or negligence of vehicle operators.

Foreign object left in abdomen leads to medical malpractice suit

Foreign objects left inside the bodies of patients during surgery is quite a rare occurrence, and estimates of the frequency of such incidents varies widely. One study in a medical journal showed that 1,500 of approximately 28.4 million surgeries per year nationwide, including in Arizona, were recorded as cases in which foreign materials remained in the patients after surgery. A woman in a neighboring state recently filed a medical malpractice claim against a medical facility and a doctor who performed a surgical procedure on her.

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