GM's Marketplace may cause more motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving is the cause of many crashes. While authorities in Arizona and other states work tirelessly to find effective ways to get drivers to avoid using electronic devices while driving, it seems some car manufacturers are more interested in profits than preventing fatal motor vehicle accidents. General Motors recently announced its plans to provide motorists with an e-commerce platform that will allow them to make online purchases with a mere tap on the dash.

In promoting the e-commerce facility it calls Marketplace, GM says it will enable drivers to order their morning coffee while en route. The automaker says drivers will be able to interact with retail, hospitality, fuel, food, hotels and other businesses through touchscreens in their vehicles. Although the company wants to create the impression that it has developed the e-commerce platform to provide services that are less distracting for consumers, it may not be the real motivation.

Reportedly, the service will be installed into millions of model 2017 and 2018 cars, crossovers and trucks. Despite GM's claim that this is to promote driver safety, the auto company will apparently receive financial kickbacks from all the merchants that sign on to offer their services through the GM Marketplace. Researchers at the University of Utah documented that voice commands, touch screens and buttons are all driver distractions.

While GM promises easy access to a variety of merchants straight from the cars to protect drivers, distracted driving motor vehicle accidents will continue to happen. Victims of such crashes may be entitled to seek recovery of damages. With the help of an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney, claims based upon evidence of negligence and documented monetary damages can be prepared and presented in court. Claims typically include medical expenses and lost income along with emotional damages for as pain and suffering among other financial losses.

Source:, "GM Marketplace: Order Coffee and Waffles While Driving", David A. Wood, Accessed on Dec. 22, 2017

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