Frequent tire safety inspections may prevent accidents

The climate of Arizona, which includes excessive heat at certain times of the year, may adversely affect the tires of vehicles. For that reason, responsible drivers perform frequent tire safety checks as part of their vehicle safety routines. While tire defects can be blamed for many vehicle accidents, worn tread, foreign objects or incorrect pressure can also cause crashes.

Safety authorities recommend specific inspections be included in a tire safety check -- not forgetting about the spare tire. They suggest the first step to be a visual check to identify uneven wear of the tread, foreign objects that penetrated the tire, cracks in the tire walls and damage around the valve stems. Tires appearing underinflated may indicate some of these issues. Checking the remaining tread on the tires can be done in several ways, and tires with tread less than one-eighth of an inch deep are unsafe.

Air pressure is a crucial aspect of tire safety. The recommended pressure level is typically indicated on a note that is attached inside the door on the driver's side and also in the vehicle's manual. This does not necessarily apply to all brands of tires, and if the original tires of a vehicle were replaced by a different ply or low-profile tires, the recommended pressure could be found on the tire's sidewall. Air pressure in the tires can play a significant part in the driver's ability to handle the vehicle and maintain control of it.

If an accident occurs due to malfunctioning tires that were frequently monitored for tire safety, the injured victims might have grounds for filing a product liability claim against the manufacturers. Establishing negligence on their part will be challenging and might be best achieved by an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney. A lawyer can also determine which parties in the chain of supply can be named as defendants in pursuing recovery of medical and emotional damages in a civil court.

Source:, "Tire Safety Check Cheat Sheet", Fred McCurdy, Accessed on Dec. 15, 2017

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