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GM's Marketplace may cause more motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving is the cause of many crashes. While authorities in Arizona and other states work tirelessly to find effective ways to get drivers to avoid using electronic devices while driving, it seems some car manufacturers are more interested in profits than preventing fatal motor vehicle accidents. General Motors recently announced its plans to provide motorists with an e-commerce platform that will allow them to make online purchases with a mere tap on the dash.

It's never offensive to be a defensive driver

Regardless of the time of year or the road conditions, there is always some degree of risk that comes with driving the streets of Phoenix. That's even before you take all the other drivers into account. Speeding drivers aggressively hurrying into work, cutting off other cars and bending -- or breaking -- traffic laws, creates a lot to worry about, no matter how skilled you yourself are at safe driving practices.

Frequent tire safety inspections may prevent accidents

The climate of Arizona, which includes excessive heat at certain times of the year, may adversely affect the tires of vehicles. For that reason, responsible drivers perform frequent tire safety checks as part of their vehicle safety routines. While tire defects can be blamed for many vehicle accidents, worn tread, foreign objects or incorrect pressure can also cause crashes.

Unsafe scaffolding can cause preventable construction accidents

While workplace injuries can occur in any industry at any time, some occupations are more hazardous than others. Workers in the construction industry in Arizona put their lives on the line daily because there is such a wide variety of potentially deadly tasks they have to do. Falls from scaffolding form a significant percentage of construction accidents that lead to severe injuries or death, and many of these tragedies are found to have been preventable.

24 hours following motor vehicle accidents often crucial

Arizona medical doctors often keep close watch on patients who were brought into their hospitals following car accidents. That's because patients' conditions can quickly change, going from bad to worse, or even life-threatening, in a matter of hours. Loved ones of those injured in motor vehicle accidents often spend the first few days hoping their loved ones will survive. A recent incident involved several people who were injured, two of whom are considered in serious condition.

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