Tire safety, separation, collision and litigation

When the tires on a car are safely bonded, separation is unlikely to occur. If, however, there happens to be a tire safety defect, the result may be a collision that leaves one or more people severely injured. Tire separation occurs when the threads on a vehicle literally separate from the surrounding casing of a tire, and people in Arizona and elsewhere may be adversely affected by such defects, perhaps tragically.

It can sometimes be difficult to trace the line of negligence back to its original source in a tire-related accident. Sometimes, a particular brand of tire may be recalled, which brings a problem into the public light. Those who notice their tires matching a recall description can usually return the tires to the stores of purchase in order to get their money back or receive new, non-defective replacements.

Any number of people from manufacturers to sales distributors may be held legally accountable if they knowingly place defective products into the hands of consumers. It's crucial to remember, however, that the plaintiff carries the burden of proof in such situations. This is why many injured Arizona consumers turn to experienced personal injury attorneys for help.

Luis P. Guerra, LLC, assists Arizona clients throughout the state who wish to pursue personal injury claims in court against those deemed responsible for their injuries. In such cases, it becomes necessary to prove that an injury was caused by a defective product. If tire safety is compromised by a defect that turns out to have been caused by someone's negligence, the tire owner may pursue justice by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Compensation for damages in successfully litigated cases can help offset medical bills and other expenses related to a particular accident.

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