Medical malpractice problematic in Arizona and other states

Many people in Arizona will undergo surgery or receive other medical care before year's end. For some, such procedures will be elective and will be carried out with little to no complications. Others, however, may have their worlds turned upside down when things go terribly wrong in the operating room or during recovery. Medical malpractice is often the cause of injuries that occur during or after surgery.

Every medical procedure involves a certain amount of personal risk. Most patients understand this going in. Patients also have the right to reasonably assume that medical professionals will adhere to safety regulations and conduct themselves with the utmost caution and diligence to provide the highest level of care according to accepted safety standards. If any person in the medical care chain fails to do this, the results can be disastrous.

What could be worse that going to a doctor's office or hospital for care only to wind up in worse condition after said care is provided? There is no reason a medically injured patient should bear the brunt of the financial repercussions of his or her condition. That is why state law allows people facing such situations to file personal injury lawsuits against any and all parties deemed responsible for their suffering.

Luis P. Guerra, L.L.C., is a medical malpractice attorney in Arizona who is fully prepared to guide you through the process of seeking compensation for any damages you've suffered because of substandard medical care. You may already know that the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff in personal injury claims. One of the first services we can provide is to help you gather sufficient evidence to increase your chances of garnering the court's favor.

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