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Some motor vehicle accidents are considered intentional

A horrific tragedy recently occurred in an Arizona neighborhood. Motor vehicle accidents like this one tend to have lasting effects on entire communities. In this particular situation where a woman and child were severely injured as pedestrians, police say they believe the driver of the vehicle that struck them down in the street intended to do so.

The nightmare combination of sleep apnea and truck driving

When it comes to driving dangers, you're probably already familiar with major risks such as operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or texting and driving. Another hazard of which you may or may not be aware, though, is drowsy driving. Driving when overly tired is almost as dangerous as drunk driving. If the person behind the wheel drifts off for even a second, it can literally be a matter of life and death; even more so, perhaps, when that vehicle is a massive commercial truck like a semi or tractor-trailer.

Plaintiff obtains substantial award in medical malpractice case

A woman acting as administratrix for the estate of a deceased nursing home patient walked away from recent litigation with a victory. The jury ordered $13 million paid to the decedent's estate in the medical malpractice case. An attorney for the plaintiff said it would not be surprising if an appeal were to be filed as that is quite common following such verdicts. Arizona residents currently dealing with possible medical malpractice issues may want to take note of this situation.

Medical malpractice problematic in Arizona and other states

Many people in Arizona will undergo surgery or receive other medical care before year's end. For some, such procedures will be elective and will be carried out with little to no complications. Others, however, may have their worlds turned upside down when things go terribly wrong in the operating room or during recovery. Medical malpractice is often the cause of injuries that occur during or after surgery.

Tire safety, separation, collision and litigation

When the tires on a car are safely bonded, separation is unlikely to occur. If, however, there happens to be a tire safety defect, the result may be a collision that leaves one or more people severely injured. Tire separation occurs when the threads on a vehicle literally separate from the surrounding casing of a tire, and people in Arizona and elsewhere may be adversely affected by such defects, perhaps tragically.

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