Key factors to help ensure tire safety

Most Arizona motorists understand how crucial it is to maintain the tires on their vehicles. Tires greatly affect the handling of a vehicle, including braking. Properly maintaining tires is a major factor in overall driving safety. When tires go bad, it places drivers, passengers and anyone in the vicinity at risk for collision and injury.

An easy way to keep up on tire maintenance is to physically inspect tires regularly. However, that only works if the person doing the inspecting knows how to recognize warning signs that tires are in need of replacement. There are several things to look for when checking tire condition.

One sign that tires are worn and possibly unsafe is any cracking or cuts in the sidewalls. If the treads are not evenly worn, that's another signal that tires are no longer safe. Looking at the tread wear indicator bars marked on a set of tires can help a car owner know when it's time to get new ones. If the tread is worn down past the designated markings, tires should be replaced.

Any bulging or blistering on a tire is not good either. While it may be tempting to try to extend the life of one's tires to save money, it's generally not a good idea because tires in poor condition are often causal factors in motor vehicle accidents. If a person were to suffer injury in an Arizona accident that may have been prevented had the vehicle owner that caused the collision replaced his or her tires, it would no doubt be frustrating. If that were to happen, the injured party could file a claim in civil court to pursue recovery of all losses.

Source:, "Tire Safety", Accessed on Sept. 26, 2017

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