Do you believe medical malpractice caused your injury?

When you seek care from an Arizona doctor, you may reasonably expect that all efforts will be made to provide the best care possible, according to accepted standards. Depending on your situation, your initial visit may be followed by a diagnosis, and perhaps repeated visits, prescribed treatment, medication or even a recommendation for surgery. However, if you wind up in worse condition after all is said and done than you were to start, it's a problem. Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider breaches the acceptable standard of care to a patient, resulting in serious injury or death.

If you suffer serious injury or illness because of medical negligence, you can seek justice by filing a claim in court. In this state, there are strict rules regarding the amount of time that may pass between the incident and the filing of the claim. There are certain exceptions to those rules; for instance, if you didn't know that your treatment involved medical malpractice until much later, then the deadline may not apply.

There are also special regulations regarding minors, whose parents may act on their behalves as long as they are under age 18. Medical injuries often necessitate further medical care. It's no secret that such care is quite expensive.

Undue financial hardship is often thrust upon medical malpractice victims during recovery. When an injury claim is successfully litigated, the court may award compensation that can help cover the financial losses associated with the injury. If you would like to discuss a particular situation with an experienced malpractice attorney, you can request a meeting with Luis P. Guerra, L.L.C., in Arizona.

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