Awareness of risks may not prevent every construction accident

Construction workers operate in and around hazardous environments every day. With heavy machinery and materials all around, and numerous groups working on separate projects all at once, the risks to the health and safety of a worker are ever present.

If you work in a similar field, you probably consider your safety to be extremely important, potentially leaving you to wonder about the risks you may face. Gaining an understanding of the most common causes of construction accidents could go a long way in preventing a catastrophe.

Common hazards to construction worker safety

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one out of every five serious workplace injuries occur in the construction industry. This study suggests that most construction accidents fall under four major categories, which include the following:

  • Working at heights: Whether with the use of ladders or lifts, this profession often requires employees to work at a variety of heights. Even with increases to safety equipment and procedures, falls continue to be one of the leading causes of dangerous construction accidents.
  • Falling objects: Heavy-duty machines, such as cranes, are constantly moving materials throughout construction sites, and if any of these materials come lose during transport, the safety of everyone nearby could be at risk.
  • Electrical wires: Workers should take exceptional care around wiring at job sites, as expecting newly installed utility and power lines to be inactive during construction is ill-advised.
  • Structural collapses: A collapse in the ground, or the structure itself, can pose a significant threat to the health of a worker, and being caught in between two objects can lead to serious injuries, or worse.

Unfortunately, simply having awareness of the risks may not prevent every accident from occurring, and if severely injured in a construction-related incident, you could be wondering about the available options for compensation.

Pursuing compensation

Perhaps your injuries are creating numerous challenges in your everyday life. Extensive medical expenses can create financial hardships that can be exceedingly burdensome, especially if your injuries force you to take time off work. You could speak with someone who is knowledgeable in Arizona state laws surrounding your situation for advice on available options for financial relief. By obtaining guidance, you could become better prepared to pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve through every applicable outlet.

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