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Brace for impact, when possible

When it comes to car accidents, most experts agree that you should brace for impact if you can. While it's not typically possible to react in time, there are instances, such as rear-endings, where you may have enough time to decide. If an accident can't be avoided, and you see it coming, there are certain bracing techniques that may lessen the severity of your injuries.

Decades of automobile and aviation research on injury avoidance has led to certain recommended postures in preparation for an impact.

Obtaining compensation for a spinal cord injury in Arizona

While driving home after working in Phoenix, an inattentive driver crashed into the rear of your vehicle. Due to the whiplash and the other driver's failed attempt to brake, you sustain a substantial spinal injury. Not only do spinal injuries hold extreme medical costs, but the emotional toll that a spinal injury takes on an individual can prove life-altering.

Spinal cord injuries in motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the United States. The first step after sustaining such a life-threatening injury involves seeking medical aid. To receive compensation for your injuries and their effects on your ability to work or travel, you must contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Due to your injury, you may have lost mobility, you may have amassed significant medical debt, and you may not have the ability to hold a job temporarily or permanently. None of these expenses should fall on you, especially if you did not cause your accident.

Avoid medical malpractice by asking the right questions

It is only natural for anyone in Arizona to experience anxiety before surgery. What steps can one take to avoid being a victim of medical malpractice? Assuming care was taken in choosing the best surgeon, the patient is entitled to ask questions about the scheduled procedure. He or she has the right to know the exact nature of the planned surgery; taking notes, recording the conversation or taking a friend along to make sure all is clear before signing a letter of consent might be a good idea.

A question that might prove crucial in the long run is asking for details about potential complications and risks. This information will not only prepare the patient for the recovery after the operation, but it might alert him or her to anything that went wrong. If complications arise that were not mentioned, this might indicate a surgical error or negligence.

Construction accidents: Trench hazards under the spotlight

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is once again putting the spotlight on trench hazards and the number of lives lost in unsafe trenches every year. Workers in Arizona and all other states are at risk of being injured or killed in construction accidents that involve cave-ins and other excavation hazards. Safety authorities say the number of workers who died in trenches nationwide in 2016 was double the number of similar deaths in 2014 and 2015 combined.

Of all the possible trench-related accidents, the most significant risk of death is posed by cave-ins. Although these accidents are mostly preventable, employers who prioritize profits over employee safety often allow shortcuts when it comes to supporting of trench walls. Any trench with a depth of four feet or more must have ladders, ramps or steps to allow workers to escape in an emergency.

Tire safety: Defective truck tires threaten all road users

Commercial truck owners and drivers in Arizona may want to take note of a tire recall announced by Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. Tire safety is crucial on the state's highways, not only for trucks but also passenger vehicles. The approximately 2,700 tires that were recalled were manufactured during June this year, and they have since been found to have defects

For tires to be safe, they must comply with all aspects of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and these tires failed to meet one of the endurance test requirements. Reportedly, the recalled tires could lose air rapidly because they might have exposed steel in their sidewalls that could cause deterioration. Sudden air loss increases the risk of crashes.

Motor vehicle accidents: Fatalities, injuries follow fiery crash

The Arizona Department of Public Safety reported the death of two infants and a woman in a crash on a recent Wednesday. Whenever big rigs are involved in motor vehicle accidents, any occupants of smaller vehicles have little chance of escaping severe injuries or even death. This fatal accident involved a semi truck and four other vehicles.

According to the DPS report, a 41-year-old truck driver was eastbound in a semi on Interstate 10 at about 10.a.m. when he veered into the center lane and struck an SUV. The impact sent both vehicles across the median into the westbound traffic lanes -- the SUV rolled and landed on its wheels again. The female passenger and two children were transported to a hospital.

Arizona car accidents: Where do the biggest risks lie?

As a licensed driver in Arizona, you may have some days when you enjoy getting behind the wheel and going for a drive. On the other hand, you may also experience moments when you worry whether you will safely reach your destination. Heavy traffic areas and other problems can place you at risk for collision.

It is not only on the open highways that you are at risk for injury in a motor vehicle accident. A trip down a country road can turn into a ride to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. Accidents are unexpected and often sudden. It is important that you know what to do if a problem arises.

Medical malpractice claim follows removal of healthy kidney

For most people in Arizona, it is likely unthinkable to be the victim of wrong-site surgery. A medical malpractice claim was filed in a civil court in another state by a woman whose healthy kidney was wrongfully removed. Court documents indicate that this happened despite a memo detailing the required surgery received by the surgeon on the day before the scheduled operation.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff had been diagnosed with a mass on her right adrenal gland, and she was scheduled to have the gland along with the mass removed for biopsy. However, the surgeon allegedly removed the healthy right kidney instead. Furthermore, it is alleged that the pathologist informed the surgeon that he removed the healthy organ, but the surgeon failed to notify the plaintiff. Apparently, he told her two days later that he was still awaiting the biopsy report.

Tire safety checks essential at the start of the school year

At the start of the new school year, Arizona teenagers who drive themselves to school might be at risk if they do not keep an eye on the quality of the tires on their vehicles. Being aware of tire safety from an early age might ultimately save their lives. The first step is to ensure the tire pressure is at the ideal level, which is typically indicated in the vehicle's manual and on a sticker in the glove box, fuel door or inside the car door.

The next thing to check is the tire's tread depth. A typical test is done by inserting a penny into the groove where the tire is most worn. If the penny is inserted with Abe Lincoln's head down, and the top of his head is visible, it will indicate worn tread, and advice would be to replace the tire. Lastly, it is essential to assess the overall state of the tires frequently. Taking a close look will help with identifying cracks, bulges, cuts or punctures, and addressing such issues before driving on damaged tires.

Were you injured in a tire-related incident?

Many people lack knowledge about tire maintenance, especially state regulations and how to tell if a tire is defective. This places them at great risk for injury. If you've already suffered an injury in a collision caused by a tire blow-out and you believe negligence or defects were factors, you may want to learn more about the type of support available to help you pursue justice. 

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