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Helping you take action after an accident caused by a tire defect

Whether a vehicle is new or old, owners have the duty to properly maintain their automobiles. This not only helps improve performance and the longevity of the vehicle, but it also ensures that the vehicle can safely operate on the roadways. One thing that often gets overlooked by motorists is the condition of their tires. While an unmaintained tire could be the cause of a blowout, another reason is due to a defect in the tire. Unfortunately, even when a vehicle is properly maintained, it can be difficult to determine if a tire is defective until it is too late.

A defective tire can have tragic results. It can cause an unsuspecting motorist to lose control of their vehicle, crashing into other vehicles or objects. This can result in a motorist and others to suffer great harms, such are serious injuries are damages. At Luis P. Guerra, LLC, our skilled legal team understands the devastation that could result from tire defects. Thus, we are dedicated to helping individuals in the Phoenix area explore their rights and take action.

Issues that make Arizona travel highly dangerous

Perhaps you're one of many Arizona drivers who have to navigate busy highways every day on your way to and from work. Then again, maybe you consider yourself lucky because you work from home and only have to get behind the wheel when you feel like it or when you have errands to run. In any case, your safety is at risk whenever you drive or travel as a vehicle passenger or pedestrian.

No matter how cautious a traveler you are, many outside factors, such as the personal choices of others, can greatly affect your ability to arrive safely at your destination. It's no secret that drunk drivers, distracted drivers and reckless drivers cause thousands of deaths throughout Arizona and the rest of the country every year. If you suffer injury in a collision that another person's negligence caused, you can seek financial recovery for damages.

How can medication errors impact patients?

When we get ill, we rely on medical professionals to help diagnose and treat us. In most cases, this means a treatment plan that involves a medication. These are prescribed based on the diagnostic findings of the medical professional. However, if diagnostic errors are made, this could result in the wrong prescription or the wrong dose being prescribed. This ultimately could result in a medication error and harm caused to a patient.

How can medication errors impact patients? Medication errors, which are also known as adverse drug events, can cause serious harm and injury to patients. This could be due to an overdose, an allergic reaction, an adverse drug reaction, given the wrong medication and other medication errors.

Recovering damages following a truck crash

The need for large trucks is always growing. Tractor-trailer and semi-trucks are utilized to make large shipments short and long distances, impacting intra and interstate commerce. Although these vehicles are important, they have the ability to create dangers on the roads. If a truck driver is overworked ad fatigues, it could cause a truck accident, harming others traveling nearby.

A collision involving a large truck can be some of the most devastating accident sites. These massive vehicles can cause a lot of damage on impact, resulting in large accident sites. Those involve din the crash are likely to suffer injuries. This could range from head trauma to lacerations. Because the damage can be extensive, accident victims are often overwhelmed with the aftermath of the crash. However, the attorneys at Louis P. Guerra, LLC, understand ways to overcome these hardships.

Federal rules aim to prevent distracted driving truck accidents

Most people in Phoenix would agree that texting and driving is not safe, but unfortunately there are drivers who disregard this risk and use their cellphones while driving. While it is a dangerous risk to take for drivers of standard automobiles, a driver of a semi-truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds could cause significant damage if they cause a truck accident due to distracted driving.

Federal rules are in place that prohibit drivers of semi-trucks and other commercial motor vehicles from texting and driving or utilizing a hand-held phone while behind the wheel. Texting involves manually typing on an electronic device or reading a message from an electronic device. This includes not just text messages, but also instant messages, email, accessing the Internet or pressing more than one button to start or end a phone call.

'Donning and doffing' errors could lead to medical malpractice

Many people in Arizona may be familiar with the troubling issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the context of overprescribing antibiotics for illnesses that do not necessitate them, such as viruses. However, what they may not realize is that antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be spread when physicians, surgeons and nurses make mistakes taking off their gowns and gloves.

According to one study, medical equipment and clothing can become contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria if a medical professional makes a "donning and doffing" error when taking off protective garments, specifically when treating infectious patients. For example, they may not take off their gown and gloves as a single unit, thus contaminating themselves and spreading bacteria to other surfaces.

Tire safety issues: Causes of failure that can lead to collision

When you think about the hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles that you share Arizona roads with over an extended period of time, you might wonder how many times you've been at great risk for collision due to other drivers' negligence. How often, however, do you think about other drivers' vehicle tires, in particular, whether or not they have taken available measures to maintain tire safety on the road?

A tire blow-out can lead to sudden collision that results in serious injuries. If you're like most people, you might automatically think that design defect or other manufacturer issues are the most common causes of tire failure. If so, you'll be surprised to learn that nearly 100 percent of tire failure is avoidable and typically has more to do with a vehicle owner than the company that made or sold the tires.

How does fault factor into an award for damages in Arizona?

Some minor auto accidents in Arizona are relatively simple. For example, someone might have struck your vehicle at a low speed, causing little damage and no injuries. Instances like these do not always lead to a civil or criminal trial, as it is easier for the parties to resolve matters between themselves or through their insurance.

However, many car accidents are much more complicated than that. What if, for instance, you were struck in an intersection by someone who should have yielded to your right-of-way, but you were also speeding when the collision occurred? Sometimes, when there is a car crash, both parties are liable in some fashion albeit one party may be much more at fault than the other party. Still, if you were partially at fault for a car accident, does this bar you from suing for damages?

Who can be held responsible in truck accidents?

Collisions involving semi-trucks in Arizona have the potential to be catastrophic. A fully-loaded 80,000-pound semi-truck has the laws of physics on its side and is simply no match for a standard 2,000-pound automobile. When truck accidents occur, the drivers and passengers in the vehicle struck by the truck can suffer serious injuries. In the worst of cases, there could even be fatalities.

Those injured in semi-truck accidents can incur significant medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Therefore, they may wish to pursue legal action against the responsible parties. It is important to understand that when it comes to crashes involving semi-trucks, there may be several parties that can be held liable for the wreck.

We stand by your side when medical malpractice occurs

No one likes getting sick or injured. Yet, we are lucky that trained medical professionals can treat our ailments, so that we can regain our health. Of course, how we treat diseases varies based on the type and severity of disease, but with today's advancements in medicine, most people in Arizona rely on their doctors, nurses and surgeons to provide them with the quality care they expect.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes a physician makes a mistake, leading the patient to suffer a worsened condition. When this happens, patients may wonder how they are going to recover not just physically, but also emotionally and financially. Some patients in such situations choose to learn more about pursuing a medical malpractice claim.

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