Negligent Hiring And Retention Case Lawyers

Do you believe you have a case regarding negligent hiring and retention? When a business hires or retains employees, the business must be held responsible for their employees' actions. In doing so, businesses must conduct proper background checks and monitor current employees' track records in regards to the law. If a company doesn't properly hire or monitor their employees, negligent retention or hiring is likely to occur. Our negligent retention and hiring lawyers will hold businesses that retain or hire employees with problematic track records such as drunk, poor or reckless driving responsible when that employee causes an accident resulting in death or injuries to innocent individuals. Each negligent retention lawyer in our law firm possesses the necessary expertise and experience to help you recover compensation for any pain and suffering, future medical bills, current medical bills or the loss of companionship from the accident.

Four Things To Consider:

There are some details to consider when dealing with negligent retention cases to prove some sort of employer negligence:

  • Did the employer practice the necessary procedures when hiring employees? If a business didn't conduct thorough background checks and continued to hire an employee with a troublesome background, the company will be held responsible if the employee caused an accident pertaining to his or her shaky background.
  • Did the company negligently retain an employee who is in trouble with the law? If so, the company will be held responsible for the employee's actions if the employee causes an accident pertaining to their troublesome history. This is a form of negligent retention.
  • Did the company negligently train an employee? Accidents can occur because employees aren't properly trained by their employer. This isn't necessarily the fault of the employee; often times, many accidents could have been prevented if a company properly trained their employees to perform their work safely.
  • Did the company negligently supervise their employee who caused the accident? Businesses must monitor their employees to ensure they aren't creating or causing unsafe or harmful conditions. A business must supervise its employees to ensure they aren't causing any sort of danger to others.

Proven Results

Our law firm has over 20 years of experience in the Arizona area. We have proven track records in cases regarding negligent hiring and retention practices. Although results are not guaranteed, we strive to provide the best results for our clients and have recovered compensation in the millions for our clients and will continue to build off our success. There's a reason why we see so much success — we possess unrivaled dedication. Our negligent retention lawyers will stay up all hours of the night to prepare for your case. Whether that means we're coming to the scene of the accident, preparing documents, pouring over thousands of photographs, documents, and investigation files or representing you in court in front of the judge and jury, our recipe for success works.

You're Not Just A Client

Our dedication comes from our passion to represent those who need help. We view our clients as family. Let us handle your legal burden and the medical, emotional and financial pain that results from negligent retention cases.

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