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If you or a loved one has a child who was seriously injured or even killed in an accident, you are likely entitled to compensation. Luis P. Guerra, LLC's child injury lawyers are waiting to help your family find justice. Nearly 2 million children a year end up in the emergency room as victims of severe injury. Even more disheartening, over 12,000 of these children die from those injuries. Tragically, motor vehicle traffic-related accidents are the leading cause of unintentional injuries and accidental deaths among children. Nothing can make up for the injury or loss of a child, but our child injury attorneys will help you get the compensation you deserve to help with medical expenses and emotional damages.

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Children are more vulnerable than adults because of their size and outright innocence. Accordingly, children are often victims of catastrophic injury. However, when a child is seriously injured due to another's negligence, that child has legal rights that must be defended by a child injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect their future.

No one wants to see a child seriously injured — especially their own. We understand what you are going through as a parent, and we want to help. Our law firm has experienced child accident attorneys with children's cases involving:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Negligent road design
  • Dangerous construction sites
  • Dangerous products and products liability
  • Brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Playground injury
  • Injury sustained at school, such as from bullying

The statute of limitations for children does not go into effect until your child turns 18. Then he or she has two years to file a personal injury lawsuit on his or her own. However, it is better to pursue a potential lawsuit for an accident involving your kid as soon as possible, as evidence in the case may deteriorate or disappear in the meantime.

We Treat You Like Family

At the law firm of Luis P. Guerra, LLC, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys treat child injury cases with the utmost care, compassion, delicacy and dedication. We know how important your children are to you. They are equally important to us. We are not like any average team of child injury lawyers; we care deeply for each family and approach every case as though one of our own had been injured. Our child accident attorneys seek every available piece of evidence and examine every document as they build your case. Together we have worked to obtain millions of dollars for our clients. Although results are not guaranteed, we will fight just as hard for the wrong done to your child. We consult with experts, if necessary, to determine how your child was injured and what caused the injury. Ultimately, we hold all negligent parties accountable to maximize the potential award for your child.

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We want to help you find peace of mind and discuss your options with a free consultation with Luis P. Guerra, LLC. Our child injury attorney team works on a contingent basis, so you are only responsible for legal fees if we are successful in recovering compensation for your losses. We serve clients throughout Arizona so give us a call at 602-381-8400 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.