Truck Accidents Often Leaves Many Injured

Weighing close to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, big rig trucks are a common sight on the state's roads and highways, hauling just about anything from freight and animals to produce, groceries and retail items. Sharing the road with such colossal vehicles can prove challenging. And, sometimes, a big rig can cause a big accident that leads to serious or fatal injuries to other drivers.

If you or your family has been injured in a truck accident, there is a long recovery ahead. Recuperating from serious and catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, brain injury, broken bones and spinal cord injury remains a priority for you and your family. But while this is happening, the bills and medical costs pile up, and you are unable to work. Who do you turn to for help? An attorney who understands the workings of personal injury law. Luis P. Guerra, LLC, in Phoenix, has almost a quarter century of experience working with personal injury cases. We will represent you in the most challenging circumstances and try to create the best outcome for you and your family.

A Number Of Parties May Be Negligent In Truck Accidents

A truck accident can happen for a number of reasons on Arizona roads. They may include speeding, fatigue, unbalanced load, a defective tire and equipment, or maintenance failure. This is why a number of different parties may be responsible for the accident. The negligence may be attributed to the:

  • Truck driver
  • Truck driving company
  • Parts manufacturer
  • Maintenance contractor
  • Company that improperly loaded the truck
  • Tire manufacturer

You deserve an understanding, experienced, aggressive and confident lawyer who will get to the heart of your case. And if a settlement is not going to happen, we are not afraid to go to trial.

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