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Car accidents often result due to another driver's negligence. However, this isn't always the case. A dangerous road accident can occur due to poor or negligent roadway design. And, when you factor in negligent drivers coming across negligent road design, the outcome can be catastrophic. Each auto accident lawyer in our law firm has experience with cases involving Arizona's roadways and understands the laws behind negligent road design. If you or your loved one has been negligently affected due to poor roadway design, then it's time to seriously consider legal assistance.

What Is Negligent Road Design And How Is It Caused?

It's very hard for our auto accident attorneys to accept when bad road accidents occur due to poor highway construction; if you have been affected by a car accident that occurred due to negligent road design, you probably agree too. Defective road design occurs due to a multitude of reasons. The design in general may have not been well thought out or implemented properly to meet government standards. A road may have been inadequately maintained, which resulted in an accident. There may have been improper signals or signs. There are plenty of potential reasons how negligent road design can cause dangerous road accidents. Here are just a few our auto injury attorneys cover:

  • Crumbling or loose asphalt
  • Steep shoulders without proper signage or notification
  • Unguarded shoulder drop-offs
  • Sharp curves
  • Inadequate visibility at intersections
  • Improperly controlled intersections

Proven Track Record

It's important to hire an auto accident injury lawyer who has proven experience in recovering compensation for improper roadway design. There are plenty of loopholes and defenses that negligent parties use when defending themselves against improper road design. We know these defenses and we know the highway standards that constantly change. In fact, although results are not guaranteed, we strive to provide the best results for our clients and we have recovered over 4,000,000 dollars in compensation for our clients in bad road accidents caused by negligent road design. Our dedication and experience allow us to win case after case for our clients.

Passionate And Dedicated

Each auto accident attorney in our law firm chose to dedicate their lives to law for a reason. We genuinely care about representing and protecting people in need. If you choose us to represent you, you'll realize what we mean when we say we treat our clients like family. We understand a serious accident can put your life on hold. In times of emotional distress, you should not have to handle the negative legal implications resulting from an accident that you didn't cause. We fully dedicate ourselves to our clients' cases. We come to the scene of an accident to support you and collect as much evidence possible to successfully recover compensation for your case. We will represent you in court and in person, to ensure you have the protection you need. If you or a loved one has been affected by negligent road design, you need an auto accident lawyer who will do whatever it takes.

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