Roadways Are Meant For Motorcyclists, Too

If you experience a motorcycle accident, we will stand by you. With almost a quarter century of experience as a personal injury attorney, Luis P. Guerra and his knowledgeable team in Phoenix will advocate for you and guide you in the courtroom in battling insurance companies that refuse to compensate you and your family. We are aggressive and experienced and will do our best to secure the maximum compensation possible.

The Serious Injuries Faced By Motorcyclists

We know motorcyclists are susceptible to serious injuries and even death when in a road accident. And some of these injuries may be life-changing. There are many types of motorcycle accident-related injuries, but some of the more serious include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Death

Any of these can lead to dramatic changes in your life. You may be unable to work or even walk again. You may have to learn to walk again or adapt to the injuries that have affected your family life. In such extreme cases, you may not have the financial resources to get through. Our steady, knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive team will do their best in representing you.

Other Motorists Must Pay Heed To Motorcyclists

For years, motorcyclists have faced prejudice from members of the public. This lack of respect may enter the courtroom, where some jurors may view motorcyclists as unsafe thrill-seekers and risk takers. This perception is inaccurate. Other motor vehicle drivers on the road present inherent dangers such as distracted driving. Many drivers are unaware or forget that motorcyclists share the road with them and that in some instances the motorcyclist has the right of way. So, motorcyclists need to take extra safety precautions while riding on the road because they are exposed and do not have a structure around them.

We represent injured or deceased motorcycle riders or their families. If insurance companies refuse to provide an appropriate compensation, we will take the case to trial. No one deserves the life-altering injuries that result from a motorcycle accident. While insurance companies may not be on your side, we are at Luis P. Guerra, LLC.

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