Phoenix Equipment Failure Attorneys

Being involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident where faulty parts caused your crash is devastating. Having brakes fail, air bags not release or tires blow out unexpectedly can turn an avoidable accident into a catastrophe. At Luis P. Guerra, LLC, we fight to see that justice is served and our clients are compensated for the injuries they suffer at the hands of negligent manufacturers and drivers.

If your vehicle failed to operate properly or you were in an accident with another driver whose car malfunctioned, contact our Phoenix law firm to learn about your legal options. You may also call us at 602-381-8400 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Product Defects Can Lead To Serious Crashes In Arizona

Whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle, you need your vehicle to operate up to specs. Even the safest driver in the world can be caught in a very serious accident when a manufacturer fails to take the necessary precautions to ensure its product functions properly.

Our attorneys have encountered cases involving all types of equipment malfunctions, including:
  • Tire blowouts
  • Faulty brakes
  • Fault turn signals
  • Bad wiring
  • Bad brake lights
  • Headlight malfunctions

Thorough Investigations Of All Your Claims

We work day and night to completely investigate every aspect of your case. By working with expert investigators and reconstruction specialists, we determine the exact cause of your accident. We then pursue all negligent parties that are responsible. This could include everyone from the other driver to the
manufacturers of defective parts.

Contact Our Law Firm When Your Accident Is Caused By Vehicle Malfunctions In Arizona

If you have questions regarding liability after a car accident, motorcycle crash or truck accident caused by defective parts, contact our Phoenix equipment failure lawyers today.