Hurt In A Rental Motor Scooter Or Bicycle Mishap? Our Firm Will Advocate For You.

Electric motor scooters and rental bicycles have become the trendy means of transportation in cities throughout the country, even in the Phoenix metro area. You may find yourself riding around town with friends on a joyride or restaurant hop. Or you could find yourself on the other side: dodging reckless motor scooter drivers or bicyclists who ignore traffic and safety rules.

People do get hurt while taking a spill on these lightweight scooters or rental bikes or by being struck by one. Also, scooter and bicycle riders can also be injured by other vehicles. Either way, Luis P. Guerra, LLC, will do its best to protect your rights as well as pursue maximum compensation against the negligent scooter driver, bicycle rider or rental scooter and bike company. With almost a quarter century focused on personal injury cases, we know how to handle irresponsible people and companies.

Riders And Pedestrians Hurt In Scooter And Bicycle Accidents Can Turn To Us

Often, people rent electric scooters and bikes on a whim. They're likely not wearing protective clothing when they jump on one and take off. Insurance liability may also be in question. If a car strikes you, who will pay for your hospital bills? What if the collision is so serious that it leads to a debilitating injury or death? These are questions that require answers.

It's not only scooter drivers or bicycle riders who are susceptible to serious injury or death. So are pedestrians. An irresponsible scooter driver may decide to ride on sidewalks, nature trails or in a parking garage and end up striking a pedestrian. A scooter driver traveling at excessive speeds also can cause serious injuries to families and children.

We can't always shift blame on a scooter driver or rider of a rental bicycle, though. Scooter and bicycle-owning companies may be liable, too. Such companies may be in violation of local regulations, especially those pertaining to safety.

A Personal Injury Lawyer To Serve You

You did not expect to get injured while driving an electrical rental scooter or rental bicycle, and you certainly did not expect to get struck by one while taking a walk. In these scenarios, you need a personal injury attorney who knows the law and how to get the most out of it. We are an experienced, aggressive and understanding law firm that can effectively represent you. Contact us in Phoenix to schedule a free consultation at 602-381-8400. Hablamos español.