Driver Fatigue

When you have been injured due to the negligence of a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel, you need to be compensated for your losses. At Luis P. Guerra, LLC, we provide honest, straightforward representation to victims of car accidents throughout Arizona. If you want a lawyer you can trust to dedicate his or her time to your needs, you can rely on us.

Having recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, we know what it takes to build a successful case.

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Helping Victims Through Accidents Caused By Tired Drivers

Preparation is the key to success in a
car accident case caused by driver fatigue. By thoroughly investigating your case and consulting with accident reconstruction experts, we are able to piece together exactly what happened in your crash. If the other driver was taking medications or abusing drugs that caused him or her to doze off behind the wheel, we will uncover it. This allows us to bring forth the most relevant evidence and fight to see that you are justly compensated for any and all losses you have sustained.

Truck Driving Accidents And Driver Fatigue

Many accidents that occur due to driver fatigue are caused by
overworked truck drivers. Trucking companies tend to push their drivers to extreme limits, causing many truckers to sleep less and rely on anti-sleeping medications to drive long hours. If one of these drivers has caused you or your loved ones harm, let us know. We will fight to ensure your rights are protected.

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