Distracted Driving Can Lead To Death Or Severe Injuries

Distracted drivers are a hazard on par with drunk drivers. There's no mincing words about this. Distracted driving has become commonplace thanks to modern technology and the overuse of smartphones. But it's not just the overuse of smartphones while behind the wheel. Distracted drivers resort to eating food, putting on makeup or excessive talking with passengers, or they are just tired while driving. All of these and more can lead to tragedy.

Reckless drivers are dangerous to fellow motorists, passengers in their vehicles and pedestrians. Their actions may lead to serious and debilitating injuries to others as well as tragic and preventable deaths. If you, your family or your friends sustained serious injuries as the result of a distracted driver, contact Luis P. Guerra, LLC, in Phoenix. We are an effective, experienced and knowledgeable Arizona law firm that will represent you in times of need. Mr. Guerra has spent almost a quarter century in personal injury law and understands the difficulties faced by you and your family in these situations.

Despite Precautions, You Still May Be Affected By Distracted Drivers

You may take all the necessary precautions to avoid an accident with a distracted driver, but it still may happen. In many cases, you may be seconds away from an accident.

The signs of a distracted driver are obvious: they're traveling at slow speeds, veering into the next driving lane, continuously looking down, and holding their phone to their ear and talking. Do those drivers really need to have their smartphones in hand and be ready to respond to text messages and emails or browse social media? No, they don't. And their behavior can lead to unfortunate situations that may result in a permanent injury such as paralysis or a wrongful death.

If you're faced with mounting bills and medical costs due to distracted driving-related collisions, Luis P. Guerra, LLC, will do its utmost to ensure that you and your family receive fair compensation.

A Lawyer Who Understands Your Legal Needs

Distracted driving has become a problem in our society. No driver, passenger or pedestrian deserves to be critically injured or killed because of such self-centered behavior by another driver. If you want an aggressive, experienced, understanding and empathetic lawyer who knows personal injury law, contact Luis P. Guerra, LLC, to schedule a free consultation at 602-381-8400. Hablamos español.