No One Should Face Mounting Bills Or Medical Costs After A Car Accident

Drivers travel the highways, county roads and city streets of Arizona. They work, go to tourist destinations, visit friends and relatives, and take leisurely scenic drives, as well as commute. But along the way, drivers face safety risks. There are new roadway challenges such as a defective tires, attention to navigation systems, texting while driving, distracted drivers and speeding electric scooters, as well as longstanding challenges that include drunk drivers, inexperienced drivers and underinsured and uninsured motorists.

If you are injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, you need an experienced lawyer. We want to work with and guide you and your family through a legal system that can be intimidating and confusing. Luis P. Guerra is well-seasoned. With almost a quarter century representing clients in personal injury cases, we are experienced, aggressive, hardworking, assertive and understanding, and we won't back down. As you and your family face lost wages because you cannot work and mounting bills and medical costs, you need a legal advocate in your corner. We will pursue the most favorable settlement or outcome in your personal injury case.

Negligence Can Be The Cause Behind A Life-Changing Car Accident

Car, truck or motorcycle accidents come in all forms and shapes. Two vehicles can collide head on or T-bone or run over each other, or a defective tire may fail and lead to death or severe injuries for the vehicle's occupants. Careless driving may turn into tragedy. Drowsy, inattentive or reckless truck drivers, who work long hours, may cause accidents that are preventable. And faulty brakes or a defective steering component can transform a relaxing ride into a life-changing accident.

When any of these happens, we will do our utmost to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable. And if they don't settle, we will take your case to the courtroom and seek a verdict from a judge or jury. We represent clients throughout the Phoenix metro area, around the state and even across other states. We know our community and region, and we know personal injury law.

Contact Us: We Exclusively Work On Personal Injury Cases

We understand personal injury law. If you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and need legal assistance, Luis P. Guerra, LLC, wants to represent you. We have exclusively worked with personal injury cases for almost a quarter century. Our experience and determination will help gain the best outcome for you and your family as lost wages, bills and medical costs are mounting. Since you or someone in your family may be living with injuries for the rest of your life, you need top-notch representation. We will advocate for you and your family. To schedule a free consultation, contact us at 602-381-8400. Hablamos español.