Bicycle Accidents

bike accident

If you are in Arizona and seek representation from a bicycle accident lawyer, we're here to help. Biking has grown in popularity for a variety of reasons whether it's to save money, save the environment, save time for parking or other reasons. While bicycles have many benefits, the increased chance of injury is unquestionable when using a bike as a means of transportation. Bicycle accidents can take place in a wide variety of forms, from very mild in nature to involving very severe collisions with automobiles. If you or any loved ones have been injured or killed by an automobile while biking, it's of the utmost importance to consider looking for a bicycle accident attorney.

Unsurpassed Experience

When looking for a bike accident lawyer, make sure to prioritize experience and successful results. Luis P. Guerra, LLC, bicycle accident lawyers possess over 20 years of law experience that allows us to consistently win case after case and successfully obtain compensation for our clients. The law regarding biking accidents can be quite meticulous, but our years of passion and experience have allowed us to master the craft to represent those in need.

Arizona Biking Facts

It's important that you hire a bike accident attorney who understands the facts. In 2013, cycling accidents involving a motor vehicle in Arizona decreased by 5 percent from 2149 to 2039. While on the surface, this trend appears very positive and would appear that safer practices are being employed, this isn't necessarily the case. In fact, fatalities increased from 18 in 2012 to 30 in 2013. Our bicycle accident attorneys understand that 30 fatalities in a year may seem low, but in reality one is too many.

Passionate And Dedicated

We treat each case as if our own loved ones were affected. Why? Because each bicycle injury lawyer in our firm is an empathetic and dedicated person. We dedicate our lives to handling the legal side of unfortunate situations such as the potential catastrophic outcomes of bicycle accidents. In times of crisis and uncertainty, we understand handling the legal aspects of such situations can create a burden that may seem unbearable. Let a bicycle injury attorney handle this for you. We will go above and beyond to obtain compensation that you deserve — whether it's coming to the scene of the accident, representing you in person in court, or dedicating all hours of the day.

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Finding a dedicated bicycle accident lawyer is much easier said than done. If you need representation, come meet us. We offer free consultation and legal fees are based on a contingent basis so you don't have any doubts or question marks in your mind. Give us a call today!