Aviation accidents

Exploring the skies for new adventures and traveling have become progressively popular in the recent years because it's faster and proven to be safer than traveling by car. Unfortunately, with great joy and awe far above the ground comes great risks. Whether you are flying commercial or private, being so high in the sky comes with many dangers that could come up due to multiple factors. These factors can either be self-inflicted or due to a negligent second party.

If you were involved in an aviation accident as a pilot, passenger or innocent bystander on the ground, allow our aviation accident law firm to aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or loss of a loved one. With over 20 years of experience on our team of airplane accident attorneys, we will deliver justice by finding evidence of negligent acts from the other party to win the compensation you deserve.

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After suffering from the traumatic experiences, many individuals are unaware of their legal choices and entitlements to pursue compensation. As numbers show, our team of aviation accident lawyers has plenty of knowledge and can assist you to receive maximum financial settlements. There are hundreds of thousands of components that operate a large aircraft. All those components should be thoroughly inspected and tested for functionality before every flight; however, that may not be the case every flight. If you were injured in any way because of the other party's negligence, our panel of airplane accident attorneys will fight for you to earn every penny you deserve to compensate for your losses and injuries along with any other outcomes of the event.

We understand that during this time, you have many questions as to how you could possibly receive compensation or when this all gets better. Put the legal stress onto our shoulders because at Luis P. Guerra, LLC, we understand that there is enough on your plate. Our group of plane accident lawyers is here to answer any questions they can while figuring out possibilities to get what you deserve.

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